So full

by Madeleine Toerne

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Featuring Sal Lake, Collin Geddis, and Jacob Tisdale. Recorded by Daniel Aguirre.


Sun set goes down and then I get lonely.
Friends say you gotta regain your sense of autonomy,
Regain your sense of smell.
Dip your hands in the shallow water (dip your hands in the water),
So full of refreshing green mystery,
So full of non-contaminated algae.

Oh gee, I love those wooden structures.
The dust is okay.
But the wooden structures on the frame--I will rue the day.
When this house isn't filled with friends of mine,
When there's no black jeans to hang on a line,
When there's no six-pack, or box of wine
On the refrigerator (rigerator),

Is so full (so full), so full (so full).
How could it be so full when there was nothing to eat?
I'm so full (so full), so full (so full)
of fluid inspired star stuff.

So happy to walk on the streets above,
Candy in my pocket, candy in your heart pocket.
So sweet and simple, spring birds on the sill.

I knew it took you a while to see me,
But I was over here, seeing this bee.
This bee (this bee), this bee (this'll be)
A pretty good epiphany,

When this summer I'm gonna be (all alone)
It'll be just me and my cell-phone,
And if the wind is raging, I'm gonna be blown
And if the sun is shining, I'm gonna get some sun
And if I see an elk, I will not run
I will not run away, I'll back slowly away
(Away, away, away)
I will not run away, I'll back slowly away


released April 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Madeleine Toerne Athens, Ohio

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