But mama

by Madeleine Toerne

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Baby Misha, I'd call her
As we'd stroll down the nearest river
River banks, and I love you so much

Not just because my body
Forces me to,
Oh dear, unborn child I still want to possess you

The ultimate work of art
A project and production
I'd nurture, nurture, nurture her

But mama,
But what?
But mama,
But what?
But mama, but mama, but mama, but what

Little Avorys, and Ivorys,
and Josephs, and Jacks and Rileys
All wily, all Velcro, all mine

I'm the captain, I'm a shark
I am holding your hand in the dark
I'll teach you to dance when you're older

Little Floras, and Jonahs, and Lenas
and Liams and Monas
I'll miss you, but I want you to be free


You're all better off
You'll understand when you're a mother
and that's me thinking that she wants to be a mother

She'll feel the same feel
'Cause we have the same blood
But she's positive, and I'm negative


The influence is rather mighty
Her bruised blue eyes are flighty
She wants to spin around on the lawn

It hurts to say this:
"child with a child pretending"
but I worry that's all I'll ever amount

It hurts to say this
But mama, but mama, but what


released January 3, 2016
The lyrics "child with a child pretending" come from Joni Mitchell's song "Little Green"



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Madeleine Toerne Athens, Ohio

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